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International Journal of Automotive Technology

Issue 1/2023

Content (25 Articles)

Mechanical Properties and Optimization Analysis on Battery Box with Honeycomb Sandwich Composite Structure

Ying Zhao, Jinyu Shi, Kaifeng Wang, Binlin Wang, Chao He, Xiaogang Deng

Reduction of Piston Skirt Friction Using the Micro-scale Patterned Surface

Jongdae Kang, Jonghun Yi, Dong Rip Kim, Sungwook Park

Parallel Parking Path Planning Based on Improved Arctangent Function Optimization

Qiping Chen, Lu Gan, Bo Chen, Qin Liu, Xiaobo Zhang

Robust Gain-scheduling Control of Dynamic Lateral Obstacle Avoidance for Connected and Automated Vehicles

Zhigen Nie, Zhongliang Li, Wanqiong Wang, Yufeng Lian, Rachid Outbib

Optimum Design Considering Main Operating Points of EV Traction Motor for Torque Ripple Reduction and Fuel Economy Improvement

Seok-Won Woo, Jin-Cheol Park, Moo-Hyun Sung, Ye-Na Bae, Jongsun Yoon, Kyoung-Soo Cha, Myung-Seop Lim

GPIO Based Sliding Mode Control for Diesel Engine High Pressure Common Rail System

Zheng Yuan, Chen Dai, Hao Sun, Shihua Li, Bifeng Yin

Experimental Evaluation of Fatigue Life in Elastically Bended Double-Lap Bolted Joint

Jongmin Lee, Namgyu Jun, Chang-Sung Seok, Youngjun Yoon

Design of Regenerative Braking System for Electric Motorcycle Based on Supercapacitor with Fuzzy PID

Suyanto, Purwadi Agus Darwito, Ruri Agung Wahyuono, Muh. Samsul Arifin, Bambang Sudarmanta

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