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Lifetime Data Analysis

Issue 2/2023

Special issue dedicated to Ørnulf Borgan

Content (9 Articles)

Open Access

Special issue dedicated to Ørnulf Borgan

S. O. Samuelsen, O. O. Aalen

Bivariate pseudo-observations for recurrent event analysis with terminal events

Julie K. Furberg, Per K. Andersen, Sofie Korn, Morten Overgaard, Henrik Ravn

Estimating distribution of length of stay in a multi-state model conditional on the pathway, with an application to patients hospitalised with Covid-19

Ruth H. Keogh, Karla Diaz-Ordaz, Nicholas P. Jewell, Malcolm G. Semple, Liesbeth C. de Wreede, Hein Putter

Open Access

The partly parametric and partly nonparametric additive risk model

Nils Lid Hjort, Emil Aas Stoltenberg