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Lifetime Data Analysis

Issue 3/2022

Content (7 Articles)

Mixture survival trees for cancer risk classification

Beilin Jia, Donglin Zeng, Jason J. Z. Liao, Guanghan F. Liu, Xianming Tan, Guoqing Diao, Joseph G. Ibrahim

Longitudinal mediation analysis of time-to-event endpoints in the presence of competing risks

Tat-Thang Vo, Hilary Davies-Kershaw, Ruth Hackett, Stijn Vansteelandt

Optimum test planning for heterogeneous inverse Gaussian processes

Chien-Yu Peng, Hideki Nagatsuka, Ya-Shan Cheng

Semi-supervised approach to event time annotation using longitudinal electronic health records

Liang Liang, Jue Hou, Hajime Uno, Kelly Cho, Yanyuan Ma, Tianxi Cai