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Metallurgist 7-8/2010

Issue 7-8/2010

Table of Contents ( 23 Articles )

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Status and prospects for growth of the aluminum industry

V. M. Sizyakov, V. Yu. Bazhin, A. A. Vlasov

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Multiparametric nondestructive monitoring of sintering indices during the charging operation

A. S. Lvov, A. V. Polyanskii

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Energy potential of carbon in oxide-carbon-bearing materials and prospects for their use in arc steelmaking furnaces

G. A. Dorofeev

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Improving the technology used to make different grades of skelp steel on the 2800 Mill at ural steel

I. F. Pemov, E. A. Goli-Oglu, E. V. Yakushev, V. M. Chizhov, V. V. Zyryanov

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Development of slag-forming mixtures based on fused fluxes for continuous casters Nos. 3–5 at the Azovstal Metallurgical Combine

V. V. Kislitsa, N. F. Anishchenko, O. B. Isaev, D. A. Galinkov, A. P. Krivenko, Yu. G. Moroz

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Classification of low-carbon pipe steel microstructures

M. A. Smirnov, I. Yu. Pyshmintsev, A. N. Boryakova

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Development of a process for producing nanostructured hafnium powder

E. L. Dzidziguri, E. N. Sidorova, E. A. Salangina

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Development of nanozones in microcrystalline alloys based on the Al–Fe–V–Si system

S. Yaneva, N. Stoichev, G. Avdeev, R. Petrov, A. Davidkov

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Physico-mechanical properties of an iron–copper–zinc composite

L. S. Kokhan, A. V. Shulgin, L. M. Semenova

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Technology for the thermal decomposition of complex rubidium salts

S. I. Lyakh, V. M. Sizyakov, Yu. A. Zaitsev

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Use of an infrared-imaging method to evaluate the condition of mixers

S. O. Gevlich, N. V. Makarova, S. A. Pegisheva

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Practical aspects of the automated detection and elimination of cracks in the coating and lining of a rotary furnace without its stoppage

A. V. Bekarevich, Z. G. Salikhov, R. T. Gazimov, M. V. Shubin

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Combining traditional and geotechnical methods in the integrated use of ores and minerals

V. Zh. Arens, D. P. Lobanov, B. L. Tolkunov, M. I. Fazlullin

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Promising processes for shaping superplastic materials

O. M. Smirnov

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Mathematical modeling and energy conservation for rolling in passes

E. N. Chumachenko, S. A. Aksenov, I. V. Logashina

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Improvement of the structure and properties of ingots and worked aluminum alloy semifinished products by melt ultrasonic treatment in a cavitation regime

G. I. Eskin

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Use of electric spark alloying technology and promising nanostructured electrode materials for improving the life of punching equipment

A. E. Kudryashov, E. A. Levashov, L. B. Aksenov, V. M. Petrov

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Creation of strong adhesive diamond coatings on hard alloy by electric-spark alloying

E. V. Azarova, E. A. Levashov, V. G. Ralchenko, A. P. Bolshakov, E. E. Ashkinazi

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Analysis of remagnetization mechanisms in materials for permanent magnets

A. E. Stepanov, V. N. Viktorov, A. S. Lileev, A. S. Starikova

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Decarbonization of periclase-carbon refractories during heat treatment of the linings of steel-pouring ladles

M. V. Temlyantsev, M. V. Matveev

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Study of the movement of charge materials in the shaft of a blast furnace

V. I. Bolshakov, I. G. Muraviova, Yu. S. Semenov, S. T. Shuliko

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Analysis of the level of the technology used to make reinforcement steel of class a500s at the casting and rolling plant in Yartsevo

A. B. Steblov, A. V. Nalivaiko, O. N. Tulupov

01-11-2010 | Issue 7-8/2010

Producing a matte from low-sulfur copper concentrate with the use of coal

A. V. Balasanov, V. G. Verein, A. A. Tupikov, A. B. Usachev

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