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Studies of New and Emerging Technologies

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04-01-2021 | Original Research Paper Open Access

Rethinking Assistive Technologies: Users, Environments, Digital Media, and App-Practices of Hearing

Against the backdrop of an aging world population increasingly affected by a diverse range of abilities and disabilities as well as the rise of ubiquitous computing and digital app cultures, this paper questions how mobile technologies mediate …

09-08-2019 | Editorial


05-08-2019 | Original Research Paper

Scientific Research on Nanotechnology in Latin American Journals Published in SciELO: Bibliometric Analysis of Gender Differences

Papers on nanotechnology in the Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO) database were studied bibliometrically. The terms ‘nanotechnology’, ‘nanoparticle’, ‘graphene’, ‘fullerene’, ‘nanotube’ and ‘quantum dot’ were used for the search in …

01-08-2019 | Discussion Note

Responsible Bioentrepreneurs

The principles of responsible bioentrepreneurship are a call for multiple stakeholders to engage in a manifold discourse driving a solution-oriented innovation process.

22-07-2019 | Original Research Paper Open Access

RRI and Patenting: a Study of European Patent Governance

This paper addresses the topic of patenting related to the notion of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). Focusing on patents in the field of biotechnology, we assess to what extent current patenting practices of the European Patent …

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Nanoscale technologies are surrounded by both hype and fear. Optimists suggest they are desperately needed to solve problems of terrorism, global warming, clean water, land degradation and public health. Pessimists fear the loss of privacy and autonomy, "grey goo" and weapons of mass destruction, and unforeseen environmental and health risks. Concern over fair distribution of the costs and benefits of nanotechnology is also rising.

Introduced in 2007, NanoEthics: Ethics for Technologies that Converge at the Nanoscale provides a needed forum for informed discussion of ethical and social concerns related to nanotechnology, and a counterbalance to fragmented popular discussion.

While the central focus of the journal is on ethical issues, discussion extends to the physical, biological and social sciences and the law. NanoEthics provides a philosophically and scientifically rigorous examination of ethical and societal considerations and policy concerns raised by nanotechnology.

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