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16-05-2022 | Original Article

A matheuristic for passenger service optimization through timetabling with free passenger route choice

Designing a public transport timetable that maximizes passenger service, measured in weighted travel time, is an intricate problem. The weighted travel time depends on the free route choice of passengers. Passenger route choice depends on the …

Open Access 11-05-2022 | EDITORIAL

Multi-criteria optimization in industry

11-05-2022 | Original Article

The traveling salesman problem with drone resupply

This paper treats a variant of the famous Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP), which is extended to cover the peculiarities of a novel, drone-based distribution concept in last-mile logistics. In this context, the salesman represents the driver of a …

07-05-2022 | Original Article

Beam search-based heuristics for the mixed no-idle flowshop with total flowtime criterion

This paper addresses the mixed no-idle flowshop scheduling problem with flowtime minimization. In a mixed no-idle environment, machines are set in series and some machines do not allow idleness and require continuous processing. We approached a …

30-04-2022 | Original Article

Assessing green performance of power plants by multiple hybrid returns to scale technologies

Efficiency measurement is a key and strategic factor in improving an organization’s performance and increasing their competitive advantage. Nevertheless, measuring efficiency in settings with multicomponent production technologies is a major issue …

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OR Spectrum publishes applied and theoretical papers which contribute to Operations Research as a scientific instrument for the development and application of quantitative approaches for problem-solving and decision-making in management. It addresses all persons from university, industry, business and administration interested in innovative applications of quantitative methods as well as in advances in theory and techniques with relevance to practice.
The journal provides an international forum for academics and practitioners from areas such as quantitative management science, mathematical operations research, and related fields of engineering and information systems. It publishes high-quality, original papers belonging to the following types of contributions: Surveys, theoretical papers, application-oriented papers, and case studies. Papers must be written in English. All contributions are reviewed by at least two referees.

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