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All books of the series PoliMI SpringerBriefs

2019 | Open Access | Book Open Access

Models, Methods and Tools for Product Service Design

The Manutelligence Project

This open access book summarizes research being pursued within the Manutelligence project, the goal of which is to help enterprises develop smart, social and flexible products with high value added services. Manutelligence has improved Product and …

2019 | Open Access | Book Open Access

Innovation Capacity and the City

The Enabling Role of Design

This open access book represents one of the key milestones of DESIGNSCAPES, an H2020 CSA (Coordination and Support Action) research project funded by the European Commission under the Call “User-driven innovation: value creation through …

2019 | Book

Road Tunnels

An Analytical Model for Risk Analysis

This book illustrates a new quantitative risk analysis model for road tunnels that is capable of evaluating the role of infrastructure measures, equipment and management procedures as prescribed by EU Directive 2004/54/EC. The risk assessment …

2019 | Book

Enabling Mobilities

Planning Tools for People and Their Mobilities

This book investigates how established transport planning tools can evolve to understand and plan for the ever-changing contemporary mobilities that influence the opportunities available to individuals. It discusses existing techniques, revised in …

2019 | Book

Digital Transformation of Multidisciplinary Design Firms

A Systematic Analysis-Based Methodology for Organizational Change Management

This book analyzes the process-oriented and organizational changes related to the digital transformation of multidisciplinary design firms. Based on this it proposes a systematic analysis-based methodology for change management, which consists of …

2018 | Book

Designing Better Services

A Strategic Approach from Design to Evaluation

This book provides accessible, comprehensive guidance on service design and enables practitioners approaching the discipline for the first time to develop the strategic mindset needed to exploit its innovation potential. The opening chapters trace …

2018 | Book

Re-activation of Vacant Retail Spaces

Strategies, Policies and Guidelines

This book presents an original methodology for analyzing urban retail systems, addressing the strong retail meltdown (increase in closed corner-shops and dead malls) that is severely affecting cities and suburban areas in Europe and the USA.

2018 | Book

Automatic Tuning of Compilers Using Machine Learning

This book explores break-through approaches to tackling and mitigating the well-known problems of compiler optimization using design space exploration and machine learning techniques. It demonstrates that not all the optimization passes are …

2018 | Book

Healthcare Facilities in Emerging Countries

The Challenge for India

This multidisciplinary book brings together medical, management, and architectural disciplines in order to formulate new approaches to the programming, planning, and design of healthcare facilities that will improve the quality of healthcare …

2018 | Book

Location-Based Mobile Games

Design Perspectives

This book approaches Location Based Mobile Games from a design perspective, investigating the peculiar traits that make them compelling contemporary practices and challenging fields of investigation. Relying on an interdisciplinary theoretical …

2018 | Book

Materials that Move

Smart Materials, Intelligent Design

This book presents a design-driven investigation into smart materials developed by chemists, physicists, materials and chemical engineers, and applied by designers to consumer products, buildings, interfaces, or textiles. Introducing a class of …

2018 | Book

Active House: Smart Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

The book provides an overview of the Active House (AH) vision, intended as a building design method “beyond” the passive approach for buildings of the future that will be more and more connected, smart and innovative. It offers a novel …

2017 | Book

Powder Consolidation Using Cold Spray

Process Modeling and Emerging Applications

This book first presents different approaches to modeling of the cold spray process with the aim of extending current understanding of its fundamental principles and then describes emerging applications of cold spray. In the coverage of modeling …

2017 | Open Access | Book Open Access

Air Quality Integrated Assessment

A European Perspective

This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license.

This book reports on the results of an extended survey conducted across Europe within the framework of the APPRAISAL FP7 project to determine the extent to which an integrated assessment approach …

2017 | Book

Tunnel Fire Testing and Modeling

The Morgex North Tunnel Experiment

This book aims to cast light on all aspects of tunnel fires, based on experimental activities and theoretical and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses. In particular, the authors describe a transient full-scale fire test (~15 MW) …

2017 | Open Access | Book Open Access

Model-Driven Development and Operation of Multi-Cloud Applications

The MODAClouds Approach

This books is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license.

This book summarizes work being undertaken within the collaborative MODAClouds research project, which aims to facilitate interoperability between heterogeneous Cloud platforms and remove the …

2017 | Book

Agogic Maps

From Musical Phrasing to Enhancement of Urban Spaces

This book explores the value of the musical concept of “agogics” – the modification of regular rhythm to enhance expressive potential – in understanding urban spatial configurations within the current technological context and in developing urban …

2017 | Book

Tactile Display for Virtual 3D Shape Rendering

This book describes a novel system for the simultaneous visual and tactile rendering of product shapes which allows designers to simultaneously touch and see new product shapes during the conceptual phase of product development. This system offers …

2016 | Book

From Smart City to Smart Region

Digital Services for an Internet of Places

This book offers a fascinating exploration of the relationship between information and communication technologies (ICTs) and spatial planning, expanding the concept of “urban smartness” from the usual scale of buildings or urban projects to the regio

2016 | Book

Lightweight Landscape

Enhancing Design through Minimal Mass Structures

This book explains how lightweight materials and structures can be deployed in buildings to meet high environmental and aesthetic standards and emphasizes how the concept of lightness in building technology and design dovetails with the desire to enh