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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 10/2018

Issue 10/2018

Special Topic: Technology Progress of US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy Vehicles

Table of Contents ( 15 Articles )

28-06-2018 | Review | Issue 10/2018

Progress review of US-China joint research on advanced technologies for plug-in electric vehicles

MingGao Ouyang, JiuYu Du, Huei Peng, HeWu Wang, XuNing Feng, ZiYou Song

19-09-2018 | Review | Issue 10/2018

Intelligent and connected vehicles: Current status and future perspectives

DianGe Yang, Kun Jiang, Ding Zhao, ChunLei Yu, Zhong Cao, ShiChao Xie, ZhongYang Xiao, XinYu Jiao, SiJia Wang, Kai Zhang

06-09-2018 | Article | Issue 10/2018

Comparative study of mechanical-electrical-thermal responses of pouch, cylindrical, and prismatic lithium-ion cells under mechanical abuse

Wei Li, Yong Xia, GuanHua Chen, Elham Sahraei

07-09-2018 | Article | Issue 10/2018

Future penetration and impacts of electric vehicles on transport energy consumption and CO2 emissions in different Chinese tiered cities

Qian Zhang, XunMin Ou, XiLiang Zhang

23-04-2018 | Article | Issue 10/2018

Analysis of transmitter-side control methods in wireless EV charging systems

Fang Liu, KaiNan Chen, ZhengMing Zhao, Kai Li

05-09-2018 | Article | Issue 10/2018

Internal short circuit detection method for battery pack based on circuit topology

MingXuan Zhang, JiuYu Du, LiShuo Liu, Jason Siegel, LanGuang Lu, XiangMing He, MingGao Ouyang

21-11-2017 | Review | Issue 10/2018

Advances in dielectric elastomer actuation technology

NianFeng Wang, ChaoYu Cui, Hao Guo, BiCheng Chen, XianMin Zhang

07-09-2018 | Article | Issue 10/2018

Distributed disturbance-observer-based vibration control for a flexible-link manipulator with output constraints

HongJun Yang, JinKun Liu, Wei He

19-09-2018 | Article | Issue 10/2018

Selecting pinning nodes to control complex networked systems

ZunShui Cheng, YouMing Xin, JinDe Cao, XingHuo Yu, GuoPing Lu

23-03-2018 | Article | Issue 10/2018

A constitutive model for granular soils

YangPing Yao, Lin Liu, Ting Luo

29-06-2018 | Article | Issue 10/2018

Adaptive TQWT filter based feature extraction method and its application to detection of repetitive transients

Yun Kong, TianYang Wang, FuLei Chu

17-09-2018 | Article | Issue 10/2018

Coverage-based cooperative target acquisition for hypersonic interceptions

Jin Zhou, HuMin Lei

22-08-2018 | Article | Issue 10/2018

Investigation of performances and flow characteristics of two bi-directional pumps with different airfoil blades

PengFei Ma, Jun Wang, HaiFeng Wang

19-06-2018 | Article | Issue 10/2018

Influences of external heat transfer and Thomson effect on the performance of TEG-TEC combined thermoelectric device

YuanLi Feng, LinGen Chen, FanKai Meng, FengRui Sun

23-03-2018 | Article | Issue 10/2018

Parametric design strategy of a novel cylindrical negative Poisson’s ratio jounce bumper for ideal uniaxial compression load-displacement curve

YuanLong Wang, WanZhong Zhao, Guan Zhou, ChunYan Wang, Qiang Gao

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