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Advances in Manufacturing

Advances in Manufacturing 2/2018

Issue 2/2018

Table of Contents ( 9 Articles )

25-04-2018 | Issue 2/2018 Open Access

State of the art of bioimplants manufacturing: part II

Cheng-Wei Kang, Feng-Zhou Fang

09-03-2018 | Issue 2/2018

Comparative study on machinability improvement in hard turning using coated and uncoated carbide inserts: part II modeling, multi-response optimization, tool life, and economic aspects

Ramanuj Kumar, Ashok Kumar Sahoo, Purna Chandra Mishra, Rabin Kumar Das

07-12-2017 | Issue 2/2018

Hybrid laser/arc welding of thick high-strength steel in different configurations

M. Mazar Atabaki, N. Yazdian, R. Kovacevic

08-01-2018 | Issue 2/2018

Fine equiaxed dendritic structure of a medium carbon steel cast using pulsed magneto-oscillation melt treatment

Jie Sun, Cheng Sheng, Ding-Pu Wang, Jing Zhao, Yun-Hu Zhang, Hong-Gang Zhong, Gui Wang, Qi-jie Zhai

19-05-2018 | Issue 2/2018

In-situ stitching interferometric test system for large plano optics

Xin Wu, Ying-Jie Yu, Ke-Bing Mou, Wei-Rong Wang

29-05-2018 | Issue 2/2018

3D numerical analysis of drilling process: heat, wear, and built-up edge

Mohammad Lotfi, Saeid Amini, Ihsan Yaseen Al-Awady

22-11-2017 | Issue 2/2018

Effect of machining parameters on edge-chipping during drilling of glass using grinding-aided electrochemical discharge machining (G-ECDM)

V. G. Ladeesh, R. Manu

29-11-2017 | Issue 2/2018

Evaluation and analysis of cutting speed, wire wear ratio, and dimensional deviation of wire electric discharge machining of super alloy Udimet-L605 using support vector machine and grey relational analysis

Somvir Singh Nain, Dixit Garg, Sanjeev Kumar

27-11-2017 | Issue 2/2018

Calculation of phase equilibria in Al-Fe-Mn ternary system involving three new ternary intermetallic compounds

Lu-Hai Zhou, Zhu Li, Shu-Sen Wang, Ren-Min Hu, Shi-Hua Wang, Zi-Wei Qin, Xiong-Gang Lu, Chong-He Li

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