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Archive of Applied Mechanics

Archive of Applied Mechanics 11/2018

Issue 11/2018

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

27-07-2018 | Technical Note | Issue 11/2018

A damping estimation method based on power ratio

Baisheng Wu, Weijia Liu, Xiaoyang Wu

29-06-2018 | Original | Issue 11/2018

Micromechanical modeling of the multi-coated ellipsoidal inclusion: application to effective thermal conductivity of composite materials

Florence Dinzart, Antoine Jeancolas, Napo Bonfoh, Hafid Sabar, Marius Mihaluta

04-07-2018 | Original | Issue 11/2018

Interface instability of an inelastic normal collision

P. F. Pelz, M. M. G. Kuhr

06-07-2018 | Original | Issue 11/2018

On measuring the dynamic elastic modulus for metallic materials using stress wave loading techniques

Yinggang Miao, Bing Du, Muhammad Zakir Sheikh

12-07-2018 | Original | Issue 11/2018

An implicit representation of phase interface motion with internal variables

Antonios I. Arvanitakis

06-08-2018 | Original | Issue 11/2018

Proper orthogonal decomposition for substructures in nonlinear finite element analysis: coupling by means of tied contact

Lei Zhou, Jaan-Willem Simon, Stefanie Reese

19-07-2018 | Original | Issue 11/2018

Symmetric Galerkin boundary element analysis of the interaction between multiple growing cracks in infinite domains

Tuan-Kiet Nguyen, Dinh-Huan Phan, Tan-Tung Phan, Anh-Vu Phan

23-07-2018 | Original | Issue 11/2018

Theoretically based hydrostatic stress analysis in short fiber composites for second stage creep using Legendre polynomials by micromechanics model and golden functions

Vahid Monfared

20-07-2018 | Original | Issue 11/2018

Analytical and numerical investigations of creep crack initiation considering the load-independent constraint parameter

Dongquan Wu, Hongyang Jing, Lianyong Xu, Lei Zhao, Yongdian Han

13-08-2018 | Original | Issue 11/2018

A comparative study of modified strain gradient theory and modified couple stress theory for gold microbeams

Murat Kandaz, Hüsnü Dal

07-08-2018 | Original | Issue 11/2018

The analysis of the structural parameters on dynamic characteristics of the guide rail–guide shoe–car coupling system

Shuohua Zhang, Ruijun Zhang, Qin He, Dongsheng Cong

28-07-2018 | Reply | Issue 11/2018

A least squares approach for effective shear properties in an -layered sphere model

Rolf Mahnken, Peter Lenz, Christian Dammann

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