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Archive of Applied Mechanics

Archive of Applied Mechanics 3/2019

Issue 3/2019

Special Issue: Special Issue in honor of Konstantin Lurie

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

12-02-2019 | Original | Issue 3/2019

Introduction to the Special Issue in honor of Konstantin Lurie

Andrej Cherkaev, Khanh Chau Le

05-06-2018 | Special | Issue 3/2019

Universal spherically symmetric solution of nonlinear dislocation theory for incompressible isotropic elastic medium

Evgeniya V. Goloveshkina, Leonid M. Zubov

07-06-2018 | Special | Issue 3/2019

Dynamic equations for a periodic set of edge dislocations

V. L. Berdichevsky

28-06-2018 | Special | Issue 3/2019

Asymptotic analysis of a multiscale parabolic problem with a rough fast oscillating interface

Patrizia Donato, Editha C. Jose, Daniel Onofrei

10-07-2018 | SPECIAL | Issue 3/2019

Non-uniform plastic deformations of crystals undergoing anti-plane constrained shear

K. C. Le, Y. Piao

17-09-2018 | SPECIAL | Issue 3/2019

Damage propagation in 2d beam lattices: 1. Uncertainty and assumptions

Andrej Cherkaev, Michael Ryvkin

21-01-2019 | Original | Issue 3/2019

Damage propagation in 2d beam lattices: 2. Design of an isotropic fault-tolerant lattice

Andrej Cherkaev, Michael Ryvkin

20-09-2018 | Special | Issue 3/2019 Open Access

Platonic localisation: one ring to bind them

A. B. Movchan, R. C. McPhedran, G. Carta, R. V. Craster

07-11-2018 | SPECIAL | Issue 3/2019

Equilibrium unzipping at finite temperature

H. Borja da Rocha, L. Truskinovsky

10-12-2018 | Original | Issue 3/2019

Finite kinetics effects in the problems of oscillations of two-phase liquid heterogeneous systems

Michael Grinfeld, Pavel Grinfeld

24-01-2019 | Original | Issue 3/2019

Two-phase equilibrium microstructures against optimal composite microstructures

Alexander B. Freidin, Leah L. Sharipova

19-02-2019 | Original | Issue 3/2019

Applications of -transforms to impact problems in layered elastic media

Ani P. Velo, George A. Gazonas

16-02-2019 | Original | Issue 3/2019

Internal friction and the Stieltjes analytic representation of the effective properties of two-dimensional viscoelastic composites

Elena Cherkaev

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