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Issue 10/2023

Content (15 Articles)


A Fiery Debate

Frank Jung

In the Spotlight

Electric Mobility in the USA

Gernot Goppelt

Cover Story

Tempering Cabin and Battery Correctly

Frank Jung

Cover Story

Design of Interior Climate Control Systems in Electric Vehicles Using a Thermal Manikin

Simon Schilling, Kai Franke, Patrick Schutzeich, David Hemkemeyer


Tuning of Control Logics with the Motorcycle-in-the-Loop Method

Marco E. Pezzola, Simone Calamari, Volker Ewald, Henning Kemper


En Route to the Virtual Verification of Automated Driving Functions

Wolfgang Sinz, Stefan Bernsteiner, Birgit Hütter


Paris-compliant Transformation Pathways for the Automotive Industry

Karsten Kieckhäfer, Jörg Wansart, Christian Thies, Raphael Ginster


Secure Data Transmission for Assisted and Highly Automated Road Trains

Christian Kastin, Björn Kurzke, Tim Büttel

Guest Commentary

Will Physical Testing Become Obsolete?

Sören Müller

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