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ATZ worldwide

Issue 4/2024

Content (14 Articles)


More, Not Less

Michael Reichenbach

Cover Story

Designing Battery Cars More Reliably

Frank Jung

Cover Story

Durability-based Layout of Electric Vehicles on the Basis of Virtual Load Data

Felix Pfister, Pascal Piecha, Steven Yan, Henning Kemper

Cover Story

Probabilistic Models for Prognostics of the Condition of Vehicle Fleets

Wolf Baumann, Dominik Gütermann, Martin Stöcker


Holistic Vehicle NVH Development Process

Michael Häußler, Christoph Steffens, Marius Lauen, Christopher Lechner


Recycling for a More Sustainable Interior

Ivonne Clausner, Jan Reblin, Marco Reis, Torsten Bröker


Modeling Plastic-metal Joints for Direct Thermal Joining

Michael Begert, Jan-Philipp Fuhr, Georg Jacobs, Ilya Peshekhodov


Function Data Management for Virtual Vehicle Development

Hans-Dirk Walter, Michael Baumann, Ronaldo Nunes, Thomas Erdmann


Development of Power-to-weight Ratio and Braking Distance of Passenger Cars during the last 30 Years

Max Osthöver, Jens Dralle, Peter E. Pfeffer, Jochen Albig

Guest Commentary

On-board Charger for Worldwide Use

Jürgen Braunstein

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