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Issue 2-3/2024

Content (15 Articles)


A fitness-to-drive test?

Frank Jung

Cover Story

Setting Ambitious CO2 Targets

Frank Jung

Cover Story

Design to CO2eq - The Reality Check

Thomas Schmid, Martin Rothbart, Christoph Sams

Cover Story

CO2-reduced Steel Body for Ride-sharing Vehicles

George Coates, Neil McGregor, Russ Balzer, Cees ten Broek


New Systems for Vehicle Dynamics with a High Level of Safety and Comfort

Mark Wielitzka, Marcus Perner, Peter Pelz, Ingo Dietrich


Coating Process for the Drastic Reduction of Fine Dust Emissions from Brake Discs

Phillip Utsch, Johannes Henrich Schleifenbaum

Conference Report

Circular Economy as a Basic Prerequisite

Alexander Heintzel


Passenger's Comfort under Increasingly Complex Boundary Conditions

Christoph Heimsath, Daniel Gehringer, Domenic Staron, Andreas Wagner


From Test Sites to Public Roads - A Look at the Global Status of Shared Autonomous Vehicles

Marvin Greifenstein, Hartmut Güthner, Felix Kuhnert, Andreas Herrmann

Guest Commentary

Recognizing and Seizing AI Opportunities

Jan Leilich

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