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ATZ worldwide 11/2001
ATZ worldwide

Issue 11/2001


Table of Contents (8 Articles)

01-11-2001 | Cover Story

The new Ford Fiesta
Gernot Goppelt

01-11-2001 | Development

The second generation of the sequential M gearbox with Drivelogic
Part 1
Jürgen Eder, Hartmut Hohensee, Ingo Birner, Oliver Schloen, Thomas John, Frank Nageleisen

01-11-2001 | Development

Sequentronic — an automated transmission from Mercedes-Benz
Ralph Eberspächer, Klaus Heber, Reiner Pätzold, Anton Rink

01-11-2001 | Development

The new Behr climatic wind tunnel
Klemens Schmiederer, Rudolf Riedel

01-11-2001 | Development

PC-based interactive simulator for night driving
Thomas Weber, Christian Plattfaut

01-11-2001 | Development

Brake hydraulics simulation with real-time capability
From hydraulics plan to implementation: The Bosch ESP 5.7 as an example
Marc Eckel, Thieß-Magnus Wolter, Oliver Philipp

01-11-2001 | Research

RMOD-K tyre model system
A contribution to the virtual vehicle
Christian Oertel, Andreas Fandre

01-11-2001 | Materials

Ceramics in wheel an gearbox bearings from formula 1 to series application?
Jens Wemhöner, Elmar Bergrath

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