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Automatic Control and Computer Sciences

Issue 1/2024

Content (11 Articles)

Sensors and Machine Learning Algorithms for Location and POSTURE Activity Recognition in Smart Environments

Zhoe Comas-González, Johan Mardini, Shariq Aziz Butt, Andres Sanchez-Comas, Kåre Synnes, Aurelian Joliet, Emiro Delahoz-Franco, Diego Molina-Estren, Gabriel Piñeres-Espitia, Sumera Naz, Daniela Ospino-Balcázar

Eamlm: Enhanced Automated Machine Learning Model for IoT Based Water Quality Analysis with Real-Time Dataset

D. Senthil Kumar, S. S. Arumugam, Lordwin Cecil Prabhaker M., Daisy Merina R.

Research and Design of an Intelligent Street Lamp Control System Based on NB-IoT

Yijun Mai, Mingjing Li, Yingbo Pei, Hongbing Wu, Zhenyao Su

Research on GDR Obstacle Detection Method Based on Stereo Vision

Jing Hou, Meimei Chen, Yihang Guo, Zhangxi Lin, Bin Hong