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Automatic Control and Computer Sciences

Issue 8/2023

Content (35 Articles)

Assessment of the Effectiveness of an Information Security System

D. P. Zegzhda, T. N. Saurenko, V. G. Anisimov, E. G. Anisimov

Current Trends in Methods of the Efficient Automation of Data Processing

I. A. Sikarev, T. V. Vekshina, V. A. Bol’shakov, E. M. Korinets

Methodological Approach to Construct Models for Predicting Indicators of Properties of Information Security Systems

D. P. Zegzhda, A. F. Suprun, V. G. Anisimov, A. V. Tebekin, E. G. Anisimov

Finding Enumerators for Generalized (L, G)-Code

I. K. Noskov, S. V. Bezzateev

Analysis of Decompiled Program Code Using Abstract Syntax Trees

N. A. Gribkov, T. D. Ovasapyan, D. A. Moskvin

Confidentiality of Machine Learning Models

M. A. Poltavtseva, E. A. Rudnitskaya

Framework for Modeling Security Policies of Big Data Processing Systems

M. A. Poltavtseva, D. V. Ivanov, E. V. Zavadskii