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Automatic Control and Computer Sciences

Issue 7/2023

Content (16 Articles)

Methods for Changing Parallelism in the Process of High-Level VLSI Synthesis

I. N. Ryzhenko, O. V. Nepomnyaschy, A. I. Legalov, V. V. Shaidurov

Research of Models of Topological Relations of Spatial Features

V. G. Gorshkov, D. M. Murin, O. P. Yakimova

Transformation of C Programming Language Memory Model into Object-Oriented Representation of EO Language

A. I. Legalov, Y. G. Bugayenko, N. K. Chuykin, M. V. Shipitsin, Y. I. Riabtsev, A. N. Kamenskiy

Text Model for the Automatic Scoring of Business Letter Writing

D. D. Zafievsky, N. S. Lagutina, O. A. Melnikova, A. Y. Poletaev