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International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery

International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery 7/2019

Issue 7/2019

IPCAI 2019 Special Issue: Conference Information Processing for Computer-Assisted Interventions, 10th International Conference 2019 – Part 2

Table of Contents ( 15 Articles )

11-04-2019 | Original Article | Issue 7/2019

A novel gaze-supported multimodal human–computer interaction for ultrasound machines

Hongzhi Zhu, Septimiu E. Salcudean, Robert N. Rohling

12-04-2019 | Original Article | Issue 7/2019

Preliminary results of DSA denoising based on a weighted low-rank approach using an advanced neurovascular replication system

Sai Gokul Hariharan, Christian Kaethner, Norbert Strobel, Markus Kowarschik, Julie DiNitto, Shadi Albarqouni, Rebecca Fahrig, Nassir Navab

13-04-2019 | Original Article | Issue 7/2019

High-precision evaluation of electromagnetic tracking

David Kügler, Henry Krumb, Judith Bredemann, Igor Stenin, Julia Kristin, Thomas Klenzner, Jörg Schipper, Robert Schmitt, Georgios Sakas, Anirban Mukhopadhyay

15-04-2019 | Original Article | Issue 7/2019 Open Access

Design optimization of a contact-aided continuum robot for endobronchial interventions based on anatomical constraints

Laura Ros-Freixedes, Anzhu Gao, Ning Liu, Mali Shen, Guang-Zhong Yang

16-04-2019 | Original Article | Issue 7/2019

Learning soft tissue behavior of organs for surgical navigation with convolutional neural networks

Micha Pfeiffer, Carina Riediger, Jürgen Weitz, Stefanie Speidel

15-04-2019 | Original Article | Issue 7/2019

Pedicle screw navigation using surface digitization on the Microsoft HoloLens

Florentin Liebmann, Simon Roner, Marco von Atzigen, Davide Scaramuzza, Reto Sutter, Jess Snedeker, Mazda Farshad, Philipp Fürnstahl

15-04-2019 | Original Article | Issue 7/2019 Open Access

Implicit domain adaptation with conditional generative adversarial networks for depth prediction in endoscopy

Anita Rau, P. J. Eddie Edwards, Omer F. Ahmad, Paul Riordan, Mirek Janatka, Laurence B. Lovat, Danail Stoyanov

17-04-2019 | Original Article | Issue 7/2019

Flexible and comprehensive patient-specific mitral valve silicone models with chordae tendineae made from 3D-printable molds

Sandy Engelhardt, Simon Sauerzapf, Bernhard Preim, Matthias Karck, Ivo Wolf, Raffaele De Simone

02-05-2019 | Original Article | Issue 7/2019

Extending pretrained segmentation networks with additional anatomical structures

Firat Ozdemir, Orcun Goksel

06-05-2019 | Original Article | Issue 7/2019

A “pickup” stereoscopic camera with visual-motor aligned control for the da Vinci surgical system: a preliminary study

Apeksha Avinash, Alaa Eldin Abdelaal, Prateek Mathur, Septimiu E. Salcudean

08-05-2019 | Original Article | Issue 7/2019

Accuracy assessment for the co-registration between optical and VIVE head-mounted display tracking

Leah A. Groves, Patrick Carnahan, Daniel R. Allen, Rankin Adam, Terry M. Peters, Elvis C. S. Chen

18-05-2019 | Original Article | Issue 7/2019

Video-based surgical skill assessment using 3D convolutional neural networks

Isabel Funke, Sören Torge Mees, Jürgen Weitz, Stefanie Speidel

21-05-2019 | Original Article | Issue 7/2019

Dynamic, patient-specific mitral valve modelling for planning transcatheter repairs

Olivia K. Ginty, John T. Moore, Mehdi Eskandari, Patrick Carnahan, Andras Lasso, Matthew A. Jolley, Mark Monaghan, Terry M. Peters

30-05-2019 | Original Article | Issue 7/2019

An in vivo porcine dataset and evaluation methodology to measure soft-body laparoscopic liver registration accuracy with an extended algorithm that handles collisions

Richard Modrzejewski, Toby Collins, Barbara Seeliger, Adrien Bartoli, Alexandre Hostettler, Jacques Marescaux

04-06-2019 | Original Article | Issue 7/2019

EasyLabels: weak labels for scene segmentation in laparoscopic videos

Félix Fuentes-Hurtado, Abdolrahim Kadkhodamohammadi, Evangello Flouty, Santiago Barbarisi, Imanol Luengo, Danail Stoyanov

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