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International Journal of Technology and Design Education


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Structuring knowledge-building in online design education

Design education has traditionally been deemed a face-to-face endeavor causing online learning to be disregarded as a viable teaching option. Nonetheless, the recent impact of COVID-19 pressured design schools to rapidly migrate online, impelling …


Exploring humorous design techniques in product through incongruity-resolution theory

The incongruity-resolution model plays a key role in the cognitive mechanisms of perceived humour. This study employed the incongruity-resolution model to discuss humorous design techniques to help design novices and students understand the …


A study of the feasibility of a cross-college curriculum based on the experience of student cooperation

This study focused on the social context dimension to elucidate how students of different disciplinary backgrounds—Department of Childcare and Department of Design—share their learning and knowledge in a cooperative course and to evaluate the …

Open Access 22-04-2022

Designing Maker initiatives for educational inclusion

The “Maker” movement is a cultural as well as educational phenomenon that has the potential to offer significant opportunities to students in conditions of social, economic and cultural disadvantage. The research reported in this paper, however …


Gaining insights into the creative process of designing nature inspired product forms

Nature-inspired designs/organic designs exhibit a very close resemblance with nature especially in terms of form and structure. Form giving for organic design is a special class of design problem that involves the use of inspiration and analogies …

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About this journal

The International Journal of Technology and Design Education encourages research and scholarly writing covering all aspects of technology and design education. The journal features critical, review, and comparative studies. In addition, readers will find contributions that draw upon other fields such as historical, philosophical, sociological, or psychological studies that address issues of concern to technology and design education.

The Editorial Board views the teaching of technology and design as an emergent rather than an established practice, with many open issues requiring research. Among these issues are the preparation of technology teachers, the assessment of technological competence, and the relationship of technology to other curriculum elements, notably science. There are also significant policy questions that need to be addressed relating to the practice and rationale of curriculum change.

International Journal of Technology and Design Education
Volume 7/1997 - Volume 32/2022
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