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Metallurgist 9-10/2013

Issue 9-10/2013

Table of Contents ( 26 Articles )

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Key aspects of steel consumption in Russia

S. A. Martanus, D. V. Khmelnitskii

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Modeling the formation of automobile body panels by an elastic punch in the software package PAM-STAMP 2G

A. A. Ershov, V. V. Kotov, Yu. N. Loginov

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Model system for selecting and correcting charging programs for blast furnaces equipped with a bell-less charging apparatus

Yu. S. Semenov, E. I. Shumelchik, V. I. Vishnyakov, A. V. Nasledov, I. Yu. Semion, A. V. Zubenko

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

On determining pinch-effect electrodynamic forces that act on the electric arc in a three-phase arc steelmaking furnace

N. V. Evseeva, L. A. Lazuko

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Modernization of the steelmaking facilities at the Asha Metallurgical Plant

V. G. Evstratov, I. Yu. Zinurov, Z. Kh. Shakirov, A. M. Shumakov, N. P. Sharov, V. Z. Feldman, M. T. Gindullin

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Reducing the loss of heat from steel in steel-pouring ladles

Z. K. Kabakov, M. A. Pakholkova

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Analysis of technologies used to make hollow ingots and prospects for their improvement

V. V. Nazaratin, O. A. Kobelev, M. V. Efimov, A. A. Selyutin, P. M. Yavtushenko

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Promising nanocomposite materials based on renewable plant resources

D. V. Onishchenko, V. P. Reva, V. V. Chakov, V. G. Kuryavyi, V. V. Petrov

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Change in the structure and properties in the heat affected zone of welded joints made from low-carbon ship-building and pipe steels

E. I. Khlusova, V. V. Orlov

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Effect of deposits in the sub-bell space of S-8 and S-8BM electrolysis cells on the environmental indices of the electrolysis operation

S. G. Shakhrai, V. V. Kondratiev, E. V. Budnik

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Role of metallurgical factors in structure and property formation for thick plates of alloys of the Al–Cu–Mg–Mn system

V. M. Zamyatin, K. Yu. Shmakova

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Study of the structure and fluidity of alloy of the Al–Si–Mg system with a different calcium content

E. Strihavkova, V. Weiss, S. Michna

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Study of features of copper alloy pyrorefining using aegirine concentrate

Yu. A. Mitrofanov, I. O. Popov, S. M. Ustinov

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Computer modeling of a large casting in the software package ProCAST

A. D. Abdullin

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Recycling chromium-bearing wastes

I. K. Ibraev, O. T. Ibraeva, M. M. Suyundikov

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Study of the noise characteristics of industrial equipment on the grounds of a metallurgical complex

V. A. Muraviev, I. G. Madatova

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Study of the mechanical strength of brex. Part 2*

A. M. Bizhanov, I. F. Kurunov, N. M. Durov, D. V. Nushtaev, S. A. Ryzhov

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Ingot molds for obtaining long cylindrical ingots and features of the macrostructure of the metal

V. A. Tyurin, Yu. V. Lukanin, A. V. Morozov

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Manufacturing technology for cast inserts of new wear-resistant alloys for combined mill linings

G. V. Levchenko, O. Ya. Svistelnik, V. L. Plyuta, A. B. Sychkov, A. M. Nesterenko

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Deformation action of screw rolling on a cast wheel billet

V. P. Romanenko, A. V. Fomin, V. V. Begnarskii, A. A. Yandimirov, A. N. Nikulin

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Selecting the diameter of a continuous-cast semifinished product for piercing shells at the seversky pipe plant

D. V. Merkulov, V. A. Toporov, M. V. Chepurin, V. S. Tolmachev, A. I. Stepanov, S. E. Medvedeva

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Effect of noncontact zones on the deforming forces in metal-shaping operations

G. S. Nikitin, M. P. Galkin, P. Yu. Zhikharev

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Ways of improving the quality of the surface of rolled products made of low-carbon structural steel ingots

I. V. Rubezhanskaya, Yu. A. Pozdnysheva, N. A. Zyuban, S. A. Pegisheva

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Strengthening railroad rails by isothermal quenching to lower bainite

Yu. A. Samoilovich

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Effect of ultrasonic melt treatment on the structure and properties of nonferrous metal alloy wire rods

A. N. Grot, D. A. Krasilnikov, V. A. Rassokhin, V. I. Tverdov, P. Yu. Zhikharev, M. A. Golenkov

01-01-2013 | Issue 9-10/2013

Improved production procedure for manufacturing chromium bronze bars

A. I. Snigirev, L. M. Zheleznyak, S. I. Parshakov, M. A. Golovnin

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