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MTZ worldwide 5/2022
MTZ worldwide

Issue 5/2022


Table of Contents (17 Articles)

01-05-2022 | Editorial

Silver Lining
Marc Ziegler

01-05-2022 | News

People + Companies

01-05-2022 | In the Spotlight

Interplay of All Drive Types
Christian Beidl, Alexander Heintzel

01-05-2022 | Cover Story

Effective NOx Reduction
Thomas Schneider

01-05-2022 | Cover Story

Impact of Mercedes-Benz Euro 6d Vehicles on the NO2 Ambient Air Pollution in Urban Areas
Philipp Werner, Thomas Fetzer, Torsten Eder

01-05-2022 | Cover Story

"We expect more flexibility in technology choices"
Marc Ziegler

01-05-2022 | Cover Story

Development of a Compact Urea Processing Unit for Commercial Vehicle Applications
Heike Többen, Lisa Zimmermann, Philipp Weinmann, Tobias Wolf

01-05-2022 | News


01-05-2022 | Industrial

Industrial and Large Engines
Hartmut Hammer

01-05-2022 | Industrial

WinGD 12X92DF, the Most Powerful Otto-cycle Engine
Patrik Printz, Sotiris Topaloglou, Carmelo Cartalemi, Stefan Goranov

01-05-2022 | Industrial

Selective Measurement of Methane and Hydrogen Concentrations in the Crankcase of Large Engines
Horst Brünnet, Henrik Lensch, Andreas Schütze

01-05-2022 | Industrial

Influence of E-fuels on Flame Structures and Combustion Processes of Large Diesel Engines
Erwin Swiderski, Benjamin Stengel, Fabian Pinkert, Bert Buchholz

01-05-2022 | Development

Process for Manufacturing Stator Wave Windings for Electric Traction Motors
Astrid Haas, Wilhelm Hackmann

01-05-2022 | Development

Development of a Specific Engine Control for Hydrogen Operation
Daniel Koch, Gerd Krämer, Alvaro Sousa

01-05-2022 | Research

Test Rig Configuration for the Investigation of an Industrial-type Centrifugal Compressor Stage
Loic Reymond, Julian Stemmermann, Peter Jeschke

01-05-2022 | Conference Report

Voices from the International Engine Congress 2022
Peter Gutzmer, Christian Beidl, Karl Dums, Marc Ziegler

01-05-2022 | Guest Commentary

Accelerating Decarbonization with H2 and Non-Fossil Fuels
Stefan Rittmann

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