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Issue 1/2024

Content (16 Articles)


Constant Uncertainty

Marc Ziegler

In the Spotlight

Advances in Bioplastics

Dieter Beste

Cover Story

Step-by-step Electrification

Thomas Schneider

Cover Story

Hybridization of the Mercedes-Benz Modular Six-cylinder Engines

Christoph Koehlen, Jérôme Larbi, Sarah Tyslik, Ralph Weller

Cover Story

Thermodynamics, Thermal Management and Control of a Dedicated Hybrid Drivetrain

Paul Kapus, Lukas Leonhartsberger, Andreas Eckart, Arno Huss


Companies + Products

Thomas Schneider


Electronic Refrigerant Valves for Electric Vehicles

Eike Willers, Jürgen Sohn, Krzysztof Kurowski, Volker von Rad


Influence of Lubricating Oil Additives on the Particulate Raw Emission Behavior of Gasoline Engines

Christian Böhmeke, Lukas Heinz, Uwe Wagner, Thomas Koch

Guest Commentary

Europes Internal Combustion Engine Drama

Rolf Brück

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