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Service Business

Issue 1/2024

Content (7 Articles)

Empirical article

A comparative analysis of contactless e-service encounters in online platforms

Sang M. Lee, Soon Goo Hong, DonHee Lee

Empirical article

Effects of ambidextrous human capital deployment on the performance of haute cuisine restaurants

Susana Fernández-Pérez de la Lastra, Gonzalo Sánchez-Gardey

Open Access Empirical article

Validation of a design orientation scale in the trade and tourism sectors and assessment of its impact on firms’ performance

Mónica Cantó-Primo, Irene Gil-Saura, Marta Frasquet-Deltoro

Open Access Empirical Article

The impact of internal social responsibility on service employees' job satisfaction and organizational engagement

Loan Thi-Hong Van, Le Dang Lang, Trong Liem-Phuoc Ngo, João Ferreira

Open Access Empirical article

The effect of social proximity, attribution, and guilt on accepting dysfunctional customer behavior

Joana Boesche Tomazelli, Simoni F. Rohden, Lélis Balestrin Espartel