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Sexuality Research and Social Policy 1/2021
Sexuality Research and Social Policy

Issue 1/2021


Table of Contents (18 Articles)


The Psychology of Kink: a Survey Study into the Relationships of Trauma and Attachment Style with BDSM Interests
S. Ten Brink, V. Coppens, W. Huys, M. Morrens


Abortion Complexity Scores from 1972 to 2018: A Cross-Sectional Time-Series Analysis Using Data from the General Social Survey
Kristen N. Jozkowski, Brandon L. Crawford, Malachi Willis


Bisexuals’ Experiences of Mental Health Services: Findings from the Who I Am Study
Julia Taylor, Jennifer Power, Elizabeth Smith


Perspectives on and Preferences for On-Demand and Long-Acting PrEP Among Sexual and Gender Minority Adolescents Assigned Male at Birth
Kathryn Macapagal, Mara Nery-Hurwit, Margaret Matson, Shariell Crosby, George J. Greene

Open Access 24-02-2020

Identity, Connectedness, and Sexual Health in the Gay Sauna
Rusi Jaspal, Periklis Papaloukas


Italian Sexual Minority Older Adults in Healthcare Services: Identities, Discriminations, and Competencies
Fausta Rosati, Jessica Pistella, Roberto Baiocco

Open Access 14-04-2020

Minority Stress, Campaign Messages and Political Participation during the Australian Marriage Plebiscite
Sebastian E. Bartos, Daniel W. Noon, David M. Frost

Open Access 17-02-2020

On the Outskirts of the Charmed Circle—Challenges and Limitations of Sexual Health Promotion to Young People in Secure State Care
Malin Lindroth


Sexting Prevalence and Socio-Demographic Correlates in Spanish Secondary School Students
Cristian Molla-Esparza, Emelina López-González, Josep-María Losilla


First Comes Marriage, Then Comes the Election: Macro-level Event Impacts on African American, Latina/x, and White Sexual Minority Women
Ellen D. B. Riggle, Laurie A. Drabble, Alicia K. Matthews, Cindy B. Veldhuis, Robyn A. Nisi, Tonda L. Hughes


Profile of Young Victims of Unwanted Sexual Experiences: a Gender Comparison Using a Swiss National Survey
Diane Auderset, Christina Akre, Yara Barrense-Dias, André Berchtold, Caroline Jacot-Descombes, Brigitte Leeners, Davide Morselli, Joan-Carles Surís


Support for Transgender Military Service from Active Duty United States Military Personnel
Shannon L. Dunlap, Ian W. Holloway, Chad E. Pickering, Michael Tzen, Jeremy T. Goldbach, Carl Andrew Castro


“You Don’t Want to Be a Candidate for Punishment”: a Qualitative Analysis of LGBT Service Member “Outness”
Kathleen A. McNamara, Carrie L. Lucas, Jeremy T. Goldbach, Ian W. Holloway, Carl A. Castro


The Moderating Effect of Filial Piety on the Relationship Between Perceived Public Stigma and Internalized Homophobia: a National Survey of the Chinese LGB Population
Fangsong Liu, Harold Chui, Man Cheung Chung


Areas of Support and Barriers to Change Around Issues of Sexuality in Catholic Higher Education
Mark A. Levand, Don A. Dyson


Barriers and Enablers to Sex Workers’ Uptake of Mental Healthcare: a Systematic Literature Review
Tamara Reynish, Ha Hoang, Heather Bridgman, Bróna Nic Giolla Easpaig


Captive While Waiting to Be Free: Legal Violence and LGBTQ Asylum Applicant Experiences in the USA
Cheryl Llewellyn


Unprotected Sex Among Low Self-Control Youth in an Islamic Society: an Explanatory Sequential Mixed Methods Inquiry
Mina Hashemiparast, Kamiar Kouzekanani, Towhid Babazadeh, Hamid Allahverdipour