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Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering 4/2015

Issue 4/2015

Table of Contents ( 23 Articles )

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Multi-modal gesture recognition using integrated model of motion, audio and video

Yusuke Goutsu, Takaki Kobayashi, Junya Obara, Ikuo Kusajima, Kazunari Takeichi, Wataru Takano, Yoshihiko Nakamura

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Topology search of 3-DOF translational parallel manipulators with three identical limbs for leg mechanisms

Mingfeng Wang, Marco Ceccarelli

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Decoding the moon phase display device over the front dial of the Antikythera mechanism

Jian Liang Lin, Hong Sen Yan

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Optimal dimensional synthesis of a symmetrical five-bar planar upper-extremity neuromotor device

Jianshe Gao, Mingxiang Li, Garry Allison, Lei Cui

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Three-dimensional construction and omni-directional rolling analysis of a novel frame-like lattice modular robot

Wan Ding, Jianxu Wu, Yan’an Yao

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Multi-objective optimization of a parallel ankle rehabilitation robot using modified differential evolution algorithm

Congzhe Wang, Yuefa Fang, Sheng Guo

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Test verification and design of the bicycle frame parameters

Long Zhang, Zhongxia Xiang, Huan Luo, Guan Tian

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Novel design solutions for fishing reel mechanisms

Erwin-Christian Lovasz, Karl-Heinz Modler, Rudolf Neumann, Corina Mihaela Gruescu, Dan Perju, Valentin Ciupe, Inocentiu Maniu

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Theory of degrees of freedom for parallel mechanisms with three spherical joints and its applications

Haibo Qu, Yuefa Fang, Sheng Guo

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Constraint force analysis of metamorphic joints based on the augmented Assur groups

Shujun Li, Hongguang Wang, Qiang Yang

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Large deformation analysis and synthesis of elastic closed-loop mechanism made of a certain spring wire described by free curves

Nobuyuki Iwatsuki, Takashi Kosaki

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Kinematic geometry for the saddle line fitting of planar discrete positions

Yu Wu, Delun Wang, Wei Wang, Shudong Yu, Wenji Xu

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Compliant mechanism synthesis by using elastic similitude

Uwe Hanke, Peter Hampel, Andrei Comsa, Niels Modler, Karl-Heinz Modler

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Stiffness analysis of corrugated flexure beam used in compliant mechanisms

Nianfeng Wang, Xiaohe Liang, Xianmin Zhang

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Numerical modeling of a spar platform tethered by a mooring cable

Xiangqian Zhu, Wan-Suk Yoo

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Three-degree-of-freedom parallel manipulator to track the sun for concentrated solar power systems

R B Ashith Shyam, A Ghosal

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Thrust and torque characteristics based on a new cutter-head load model

Jianqin Liu, Jiabao Ren, Wei Guo

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Planetary gear profile modification design based on load sharing modelling

Miguel Iglesias, Alfonso Fernández Del Rincón, Ana Magdalena De-Juan, Pablo Garcia, Alberto Diez, Fernando Viadero

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Stability analysis for a planar parallel manipulator with the capability of self-coordinating the load distribution

Lingyu Kong, Hao Wang, Pu Zhang, Yong Zhao, Genliang Chen, Longhai Zhao

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Dimensional synthesis of a 3-DOF parallel manipulator with full circle rotation

Yanbing Ni, Nan Wu, Xueyong Zhong, Biao Zhang

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Comparison of parallel kinematic machines with three translational degrees of freedom and linear actuation

Isabel Prause, Sami Charaf Eddine, Burkhard Corves

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Type synthesis for 4-DOF parallel press mechanism using GF set theory

Jun He, Feng Gao, Xiangdun Meng, Weizhong Guo

01-07-2015 | Issue 4/2015

Automatic method for synchronizing workpiece frames in twin-robot nondestructive testing system

Zongxing Lu, Chunguang Xu, Qinxue Pan, Fanwu Meng, Xinliang Li

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