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Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering 6/2015

Issue 6/2015

Table of Contents ( 25 Articles )

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Influence of alignment errors on contact pressure during straight bevel gear meshing process

Xinghui Han, Lin Hua, Song Deng, Qiuping Luo

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Shared and service-oriented CNC machining system for intelligent manufacturing process

Yao Li, Qiang Liu, Ronglei Tong, Xiaohong Cui

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Material removal model considering influence of curvature radius in bonnet polishing convex surface

Jianfeng Song, Yingxue Yao

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Additive manufacturing of ceramic structures by laser engineered net shaping

Fangyong Niu, Dongjiang Wu, Guangyi Ma, Bi Zhang

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Kinematics analysis and optimization of the fast shearing-extrusion joining mechanism for solid-state metal

Shuangjie Zhang, Yunfeng Yao, Lingchong Li, Lijuan Wang, Junxia Li, Qiang Li

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Springback prediction and optimization of variable stretch force trajectory in three-dimensional stretch bending process

Fei Teng, Wanxi Zhang, Jicai Liang, Song Gao

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Effect of surface topography on stress concentration factor

Zhengkun Cheng, Ridong Liao

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Thermoelastic analysis of non-uniform pressurized functionally graded cylinder with variable thickness using first order shear deformation theory(FSDT) and perturbation method

M. J. Khoshgoftar, M. J. Mirzaali, G. H. Rahimi

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Frequency dispersion of love waves in a piezoelectric nanofilm bonded on a semi-infinite elastic substrate

Sijia Zhang, Bin Gu, Hongbin Zhang, Rongying Pan, Alamusi, Xiqiao Feng

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Numerical analysis of deteriorated sub-sea pipelines under environmental loads

Engin Gücüyen

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Influence of non-smooth surface on tribological properties of glass fiber-epoxy resin composite sliding against stainless steel under natural seawater lubrication

Shaofeng Wu, Dianrong Gao, Yingna Liang, Bo Chen

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Parametric analysis of the end face engagement worm gear

Xingqiao Deng, Jueling Wang, Jinge Wang, Shouan Chen, Jie Yang

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Optimum weight design of functionally graded material gears

Shikai Jing, He Zhang, Jingtao Zhou, Guohua Song

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Statistical modification analysis of helical planetary gears based on response surface method and Monte Carlo simulation

Jun Zhang, Fan Guo

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Singularity analysis of a 3-RPS parallel manipulator using geometric algebra

Qinchuan Li, Ji’nan Xiang, Xinxue Chai, Chuanyu Wu

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Fuzzy theory based control method for an in-pipe robot to move in variable resistance environment

Te Li, Shugen Ma, Bin Li, Minghui Wang, Yuechao Wang

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Propagation of electromagnetic wave in coaxial conical transverse electromagnetic wave cell

Xingxun Liu, Tao Zhang, Wangquan Qi

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Bayesian reliability modeling and assessment solution for NC machine tools under small-sample data

Zhaojun Yang, Yingnan Kan, Fei Chen, Binbin Xu, Chuanhai Chen, Chuangui Yang

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Fault feature extraction of rolling bearing based on an improved cyclical spectrum density method

Min Li, Jianhong Yang, Xiaojing Wang

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Feature selection by merging sequential bidirectional search into relevance vector machine in condition monitoring

Kui Zhang, Yu Dong, Andrew Ball

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Quantitative diagnosis of fault severity trend of rolling element bearings

Lingli Cui, Chunqing Ma, Feibin Zhang, Huaqing Wang

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Fluid-structure interaction analysis and lifetime estimation of a natural gas pipeline centrifugal compressor under near-choke and near-surge conditions

Yaping Ju, Hui Liu, Ziyun Yao, Peng Xing, Chuhua Zhang

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Motion stability analysis of non-sinusoidal oscillation of mold driven by servomotor

Yunfeng Yao, Junxia Li, Yiming Fang

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Nonlinear resonance of the rotating circular plate under static loads in magnetic field

Yuda Hu, Tong Wang

01-11-2015 | Issue 6/2015

Optimization study on a single-cylinder compressed air engine

Qihui Yu, Maolin Cai, Yan Shi, Qiyue Xu

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