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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 5/2016

Issue 5/2016

Table of Contents ( 21 Articles )

01-09-2016 | Editorial | Issue 5/2016

Detection and Suppression of Fires: A Cornerstone of Fire Protection Engineering

Michael J. Gollner

01-09-2016 | Issue 5/2016

Smoke Alarm Nuisance Source Characterization: Review and Recommendations

Joshua Dinaburg, Daniel Gottuk

01-09-2016 | Issue 5/2016

Analysis of the Response of Smoke Detectors to Smoldering Fires and Nuisance Sources

James Milke, Robin Zevotek

01-09-2016 | Issue 5/2016

Photoacoustic Compound Fire Alarm System for Detecting Particles and Carbon Monoxide in Smoke

Yalong Jiang, Gai Li, Jinjun Wang

01-09-2016 | Issue 5/2016

A Saliency-Based Method for Early Smoke Detection in Video Sequences

Yang Jia, Jie Yuan, Jinjun Wang, Jun Fang, Qixing Zhang, Yongming Zhang

01-09-2016 | Issue 5/2016

QuickBlaze: Early Fire Detection Using a Combined Video Processing Approach

Waqar S. Qureshi, Mongkol Ekpanyapong, Matthew N. Dailey, Suchet Rinsurongkawong, Anton Malenichev, Olga Krasotkina

01-09-2016 | Issue 5/2016

Multi Feature Analysis of Smoke in YUV Color Space for Early Forest Fire Detection

C. Emmy Prema, S. S. Vinsley, S. Suresh

01-09-2016 | Issue 5/2016

Autonomous Fire Suppression System for Use in High and Low Visibility Environments by Visual Servoing

Joshua G. McNeil, Brian Y. Lattimer

01-09-2016 | Issue 5/2016

Full-Scale Experiments of Fire Control and Suppression in Enclosed Car Parks: A Comparison Between Sprinkler and Water-Mist Systems

Paolo E. Santangelo, Luca Tarozzi, Paolo Tartarini

01-09-2016 | Issue 5/2016

Investigation of the Thermal Characteristics of a Circular Fusible-Type Sprinkler Using the Energy Transport Equation

Woo Jun You, Gwon Hyun Ko, Hong-Sun Ryou

01-09-2016 | Issue 5/2016

Indirect Detection of Visual Signals for Emergency Notification

John D. Bullough, Nicholas P. Skinner, Yiting Zhu

01-09-2016 | Editorial | Issue 5/2016

New Challenges in Tunnel Fire Safety

Haukur Ingason

01-09-2016 | Issue 5/2016

A New Methodology of Design Fires for Train Carriages Based on Exponential Curve Method

Ying Zhen Li, Haukur Ingason

01-09-2016 | Issue 5/2016

Development of a Risk Assessment Method for Life Safety in Case of Fire in Rail Tunnels

Bart Van Weyenberge, Xavier Deckers, Robby Caspeele, Bart Merci

01-09-2016 | Issue 5/2016

Evacuation of a Metro Train in an Underground Rail Transportation System: Flow Rate Capacity of Train Exits, Tunnel Walking Speeds and Exit Choice

Karl Fridolf, Daniel Nilsson, Håkan Frantzich

01-09-2016 | Issue 5/2016

Full Scale Firefighting Tests in the Tistbrottet Mine

Anders Palm, Maria Kumm, Haukur Ingason

01-09-2016 | Issue 5/2016

Large Scale Tunnel Fire Tests with Large Droplet Water-Based Fixed Fire Fighting System

Haukur Ingason, Ying Zhen Li, Glenn Appel, Ulf Lundström, Conny Becker

01-09-2016 | Issue 5/2016

Full-Scale Fire Test of an Intercity Train Car

Duck Hee Lee, Won Hee Park, Jungho Hwang, George Hadjisophocleous

01-09-2016 | Issue 5/2016

Ignition, Heat Release Rate and Suppression of Elastomeric Materials

Norman Alvares, Harry Hasegawa, Kirk Staggs

01-09-2016 | Issue 5/2016

Experimental and Computational Characterization of Dynamic Loading and Structural Resistance of Tunnels in Blast Scenarios

A. Stolz, M. L. Ruiz-Ripoll

01-09-2016 | Short Communication | Issue 5/2016

Investigating the Throttling Effect in Tunnel Fires

Arnas Vaitkevicius, Francesco Colella, Ricky Carvel

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