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Frontiers in Energy

Issue 2/2023

Content (10 Articles)

Research Article

A rank-based multiple-choice secretary algorithm for minimising microgrid operating cost under uncertainties

Chunqiu Xia, Wei Li, Xiaomin Chang, Ting Yang, Albert Y. Zomaya

Research Article

Active-reactive power scheduling of integrated electricity-gas network with multi-microgrids

Tao Jiang, Xinru Dong, Rufeng Zhang, Xue Li, Houhe Chen, Guoqing Li

Research Article

Evaluation of global niobium flow modeling and its market forecasting

Mahmoud Bakry, Jinhui Li, Xianlai Zeng

Research Article

Spatiotemporal evolution and driving factors for GHG emissions of aluminum industry in China

Chao Tang, Yong Geng, Xue Rui, Guimei Zhao

Research Article

Aggregating structure in coal water slurry studied by eDLVO theory and fractal dimension

Qiang Li, Qian Wang, Jian Hou, Jiansheng Zhang, Yang Zhang