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20-11-2020 | Issue 6/2021 Open Access

The Journal of Supercomputing 6/2021

Improving Clairvoyant: reduction algorithm resilient to imbalanced process arrival patterns

The Journal of Supercomputing > Issue 6/2021
Jerzy Proficz, Krzysztof M. Ocetkiewicz
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The Clairvoyant algorithm proposed in “A novel MPI reduction algorithm resilient to imbalances in process arrival times” was analyzed, commented and improved. The comments concern handling certain edge cases in the original pseudocode and description, i.e., adding another state of a process, improved cache friendliness more precise complexity estimations and some other issues improving the robustness of the algorithm implementation. The proposed improvements include skipping of idle loop rounds, simplifying generation of the ready set and management of the state array and an about 90-fold reduction in memory usage. Finally an extension enabling process arrival times (PATs) prediction was added: an additional background thread used to exchange the data with the PAT estimations. The performed tests, with a dedicated mini-benchmark executed in an HPC environment, showed correctness and improved performance of the solution, with comparison to the original or other state-of-the-art algorithms.
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