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Issue 10/2023

Content (14 Articles)

Mechanical efficiency of cartridge two-dimensional (2D) piston pump for electro-hydrostatic actuators

Yong Chen, Yiren Zang, Lizhong Lu, Jian Ruan, Chuan Ding, Sheng Li

Open Access

A reduced-order lie group-based race car model for systematic trajectory optimization on 3D tracks

Lorenzo Bartali, Marco Gabiccini, Eugeniu Grabovic, Marcello Domenighini, Massimo Guiggiani

Open Access

Turbulent statistics and interface dynamics in a lubricated channel flow at

Alessandro Alati, Elisabetta De Angelis

Open Access

A novel impact model for the rocking motion of masonry arches

Paolo Bisegna, Simona Coccia, Mario Como, Nicola A. Nodargi

Methods for balancing a self-centering chuck of a CNC machine

Giuseppe Dipace, Emiliano Mucchi, Gianluca D’Elia

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