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Issue 8/2023

Content (14 Articles)

Open Access

Racing bicycle tyres: experimental indoor evaluation of relaxation length

G. Dell’Orto, F. M. Ballo, G. Mastinu, M. Gobbi, G. Magnani

Open Access

Transport in a stochastic double diffusivity model

Amit K. Chattopadhyay, Konstantinos Parisis, Avraam Konstantinidis, Elias C. Aifantis

Open Access

Micromechanical homogenization of a hydrogel-filled electrospun scaffold for tissue-engineered epicardial patching of the infarcted heart: a feasibility study

Kevin L. Sack, Nicolas Mandel, Nicola M. Pugno, Deon Bezuidenhout, Georges Limbert, Francesco Moscato, Neil H. Davies, Thomas Franz, Tamer Abdalrahman

Open Access

Smooth multi-patch scaled boundary isogeometric analysis for Kirchhoff–Love shells

Mathias Reichle, Jeremias Arf, Bernd Simeon, Sven Klinkel

Dynamic shimmy behavior and bifurcation analysis of driver–vehicle–road system

Heng Wei, Liang Li, Yinggang Xu, Shuai Lei, Yirui Wang

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