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Social Choice and Welfare

Issue 1/2024

Content (8 Articles)

Original Paper


Federico Revelli, Tsung-Sheng Tsai, Cheng-Tai Wu

Original Paper

Escape poverty trap with trust? An experimental study

Kenneth S. Chan, Vivian Lei, Filip Vesely

Open Access Original Paper

Assignment games with population monotonic allocation schemes

Tamás Solymosi

Open Access Original Paper

The largest Condorcet domain on 8 alternatives

Charles Leedham-Green, Klas Markström, Søren Riis

Open Access Original Paper

Centralized assignment of prizes and contestants

Stefano Barbieri, Marco Serena

Original Paper

The “invisible hand” of vote markets

Dimitrios Xefteris, Nicholas Ziros

Original Paper

Stochastic same-sidedness in the random voting model

Sarvesh Bandhu, Abhinaba Lahiri, Anup Pramanik