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Social Choice and Welfare

Issue 2/2023

Content (8 Articles)

Original Paper

Vote swapping in irresolute two-tier voting procedures

Hayrullah Dindar, Jean Lainé

Original Paper

Mechanism design with model specification

Pathikrit Basu

Original Paper

Taxonomy of powerful voters and manipulation in the framework of social choice functions

Amílcar Mata Díaz, Ramón Pino Pérez, Jahn Franklin Leal

Open Access Original Paper

Positional preferences and efficiency in a dynamic economy

Thomas Aronsson, Sugata Ghosh, Ronald Wendner

Original Paper

Moral awareness polarizes people’s fairness judgments

Michael Kurschilgen

Original Paper

Forward induction and market entry with an endogenous outside option

Antonio J. Morales, Javier Rodero-Cosano

Original Paper

Centrality measures in networks

Francis Bloch, Matthew O. Jackson, Pietro Tebaldi

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