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Social Choice and Welfare

Issue 2/2024

Content (9 Articles)

Open Access Original Paper

Technological advance, social fragmentation and welfare

Steven J. Bosworth, Dennis J. Snower

Open Access Original Paper

The expressive power of voting rules

Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde, João V. Ferreira

Open Access Original Paper

Ordinal utility differences

Jean Baccelli

Original Paper

Cost intervention in delinquent networks

Yifan Xiong, Youze Lang, Ziyan Li

Original Paper

Inequality measurement with coarse data

Xiangyu Qu

Open Access Original Paper

Cross invariance, the Shapley value, and the Shapley–Shubik power index

Chun-Ting Chen, Wei-Torng Juang, Ching-Jen Sun

Original Paper

Labor market efficiency: output as the measure of welfare

Behrang Kamali Shahdadi

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