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Social Choice and Welfare

Issue 3/2023

Content (9 Articles)

Original Paper

Optimal multi-unit allocation with costly verification

Geoffrey A. Chua, Gaoji Hu, Fang Liu

Original Paper

Social acceptability and the majoritarian compromise rule

Mostapha Diss, Clinton Gubong Gassi, Issofa Moyouwou

Open Access Original Paper

Manipulation of moves in sequential contests

Konstantinos Protopappas

Original Paper

Citizen preferences and the architecture of government

Jean-Marc Bourgeon, Marie-Laure Breuillé

Open Access Original Paper

Constrained school choice: an experimental QRE analysis

Jorge Alcalde-Unzu, Flip Klijn, Marc Vorsatz

Open Access Original Paper

How does exposure to COVID-19 influence health and income inequality aversion?

Miqdad Asaria, Joan Costa-Font, Frank Cowell

Open Access Original Paper

Leading by example in a public goods experiment with benefit heterogeneity

Jing Yu, Martin G. Kocher

Open Access Original Paper

On the safety of group manipulation

Hans Peters, Yuliya Veselova