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Issue Special Issue 1/2016

Content (11 Articles)


New Challenges

Alexander Heintzel

Automotive Acoustics

Transmission Acoustics Between End-of-Line Testing and Vehicle Rating

Björn Knöfel, Jan Troge, Welf-Guntram Drossel

Automotive Acoustics

Assessment of Harshness Caused by Rattling Car Interiors

Stefan Irrgang, Wolfgang Klippel

Automotive Acoustics

Model-Based Development of an Integrated ANC System

Lukas Anslinger, Nicolas Driot, Xavier Robin, Khang Zhun Yeap

Automotive Acoustics

Localising Defective Components with a Time-Reversal Approach

Martin Fischer, Tillmann Henschke, Guillaume Guyader, Quentin Buisson

Automotive Acoustics

Vehicle NVH Optimization by Interdisciplinary Drivetrain Development

Bernhard Graf, Stephan Brandl, Alfred Rust

Automotive Acoustics

An Integrated Approach for Exterior Noise Development

Dejan Arsić, Florian Bock

Automotive Acoustics

Advanced Aeroacoustic Vehicle Development in a Full-Scale Wind Tunnel

Reinhard Blumrich, Matthias Riegel, Martin Helfer

Automotive Acoustics

Increased Functionality in Lightweight Fibre-Based NVH Packages

Davide Caprioli, Philippe Godano, Delphine Guigner, Marco Seppi

Automotive Acoustics

Lightweight NVH Solution Based on Vibro-Acoustic Metamaterials

Claus Claeys, Elke Deckers, Bert Pluymers, Wim Desmet

Guest Commentary

The Role of NVH in Autonomous Driving

Davide Caprioli

Current Publications

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