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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 3/2011

Issue 3/2011

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

01-07-2011 | Issue 3/2011

Heat Transmission and Thermal Energy Storage in Firefighter Turnout Suit Materials

Roger L. Barker, Anthoney S. Deaton, Kevin A. Ross

01-07-2011 | Issue 3/2011

Assessment of Factors Affecting the Continuing Performance of Firefighters’ Protective Clothing: A Literature Review

Moein Rezazadeh, David A. Torvi

01-07-2011 | Issue 3/2011 Open Access

Firefighter Turnout Gear Durability Study—Evaluation of Visibility Trim

Deena Cotterill, Elizabeth P. Easter

01-07-2011 | Issue 3/2011

Development of Instrumented Manikin Hands for Characterizing the Thermal Protective Performance of Gloves in Flash Fire Exposures

Alexander Hummel, Roger Barker, Kevin Lyons, A. Shawn Deaton, John Morton-Aslanis

01-07-2011 | Issue 3/2011

Unprotected Floor Assemblies and Tenability Conditions in a Test House Under Two Basement Fire Scenarios

Joseph Z. Su, Noureddine Bénichou, Alex Bwalya, Gary Lougheed, Bruce Taber, Patrice Leroux

01-07-2011 | Issue 3/2011

Measuring Radiation Heat Fluxes from a Jet Fire Using a Lumped Capacitance Model

Peter S. Cumber

01-07-2011 | Issue 3/2011

Statistical Analysis of Effects of Nanoparticles on Hydrocarbon Pool Fire

Arash Najafi, Abdolsamad Zarringhalam Moghaddam

01-07-2011 | Issue 3/2011

Smoke Alarm Presence and Performance in U.S. Home Fires

Marty Ahrens

01-07-2011 | Issue 3/2011

Simulation of Mass Fire-Spread in Urban Densely Built Areas Based on Irregular Coarse Cellular Automata

Sijian Zhao

01-07-2011 | Issue 3/2011

Environmental Impact of Automatic Fire Sprinklers: Part 1. Residential Sprinklers Revisited in the Age of Sustainability

Louis A. Gritzo, Robert G. Bill Jr., Christopher J. Wieczorek, Benjamin Ditch

01-07-2011 | Issue 3/2011

Environmental Impact of Automatic Fire Sprinklers: Part 2. Experimental Study

Christopher J. Wieczorek, Benjamin Ditch, Robert G. Bill Jr.

01-07-2011 | Issue 3/2011

Simplified Calculation Method for Determining Smoke Downdrag Due to a Sprinkler Spray

K. Y. Li, M. J. Spearpoint

01-07-2011 | Issue 3/2011

Numerical Modeling of Heat and Moisture Through Wet Cotton Fabric Using the Method of Chemical Thermodynamic Law Under Simulated Fire

Fanglong Zhu, Kejing Li

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