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Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Issue 5/2023

Content (11 Articles)

Open Access Review

Effectiveness of engagement initiatives across engagement platforms: A meta-analysis

Markus Blut, Viktorija Kulikovskaja, Marco Hubert, Christian Brock, Dhruv Grewal

Open Access Original Empirical Research

The role of marketing in new ventures: How marketing activities should be organized in firms’ infancy

Andreas Fürst, Mika Gabrielsson, Peter Gabrielsson, Jana-Kristin Prigge

Open Access Original Empirical Research

How attributions of coproduction motives shape customer relationships over time

Pascal Güntürkün, Till Haumann, Laura Marie Edinger-Schons, Jan Wieseke

Open Access Original Empirical Research

Marvelous advertising returns? A meta-analysis of advertising elasticities in the entertainment industry

Andrea Schöndeling, Alexa B. Burmester, Alexander Edeling, André Marchand, Michel Clement

Original Empirical Research

Friend or foe? Can anthropomorphizing self-tracking devices backfire on marketers and consumers?

Lane Peterson Fronczek, Martin Mende, Maura L. Scott, Gergana Y. Nenkov, Anders Gustafsson

Open Access Original Empirical Research

Franchising structure changes and shareholder value: Evidence from store buybacks and refranchising

Anna Sadovnikova, Manish Kacker, Saurabh Mishra

Original Empirical Research

Executive confidence and myopic marketing management

Tuck Siong Chung, Angie Low, Roland T. Rust

Original Empirical Research

Unintended effects of price promotions: Forgoing competitors’ price promotions strengthens incumbent brand loyalty

Alexander B. Pratt, Stacey G. Robinson, Clay M. Voorhees, Joyce (Feng) Wang, Michael D. Giebelhausen

Original Empirical Research

Drivers and outcomes of smallholder market participation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Marcia F. Kwaramba, Srinivas Sridharan, Felix T. Mavondo


Using a strobelight analysis to examine relationship inconsistency

Alec Pappas, Charles F. Hofacker, Willy Bolander

Current Publications