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27-05-2020 | Review Paper

Customer engagement in social media: a framework and meta-analysis

This research examines customer engagement in social media (CESM) using a meta-analytic model of 814 effect sizes across 97 studies involving 161,059 respondents. Findings reveal that customer engagement is driven by satisfaction, positive …

09-05-2020 | Original Empirical Research

The interplay between business and personal trust on relationship performance in conditions of market turbulence

Extant research examining interpersonal trust in business-to-business (B2B) buyer–seller relationships focuses on its multidimensionality, mainly from a business perspective. Our research captures an element of business relationships that is …

24-04-2020 | Original Empirical Research Open Access

Effects of front-of-pack labels on the nutritional quality of supermarket food purchases: evidence from a large-scale randomized controlled trial

To examine whether four pre-selected front-of-pack nutrition labels improve food purchases in real-life grocery shopping settings, we put 1.9 million labels on 1266 food products in four categories in 60 supermarkets and analyzed the nutritional …

09-03-2020 | Conceptual/Theoretical Paper

An emerging theory of loyalty program dynamics

As exemplary instruments of relationship marketing, loyalty programs are being implemented and studied at an unprecedented rate. Yet real-world efforts often fail—or at least do not live up to expectations—and despite the growing richness of …

03-03-2020 | Review Paper

Consumer dynamics: theories, methods, and emerging directions

Consumer attitudes and behaviors are fundamentally dynamic processes; thus, understanding consumer dynamics is crucial for truly understanding consumer behaviors and for firms to formulate appropriate actions. Recent history in empirical marketing …

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The Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS) is devoted to the study and improvement of marketing and serves as a vital link between scholarly research and practice by publishing research-based articles in the substantive domain of marketing.

Manuscripts submitted for publication consideration in JAMS are judged on the basis of their potential contribution to the advancement of the science and/or practice of marketing. In order for a manuscript to be published in JAMS it must, at the minimum, meet the following criteria:

  • Focus on a substantive issue in the domain of marketing
  • Offer fundamentally new insights that advance the field
  • Be literature-based and scholarly
  • Demonstrate conceptual rigor
  • Provide evidence of methodological rigor, if an empirical piece

JAMS is committed to providing authors with:

  • Timely and constructive reviews
  • Specific and extensive directions (when necessary) for revising a manuscript
  • A decision to either accept or reject a manuscript as early as possible in the review process

The JAMS Editorial Office makes a concerted effort to ensure manuscript turnaround in fewer than 40 days. However, because JAMS is committed to ensuring that reviews are fair, informed, objective, and constructive, there may be occasional instances in which the turnaround time is longer.

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