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Open Access 23-05-2022 | Original Empirical Research

The effect of marketing department power on investor responses to announcements of AI-embedded new product innovations

Even as more companies integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their new products and services, little research outlines the strategic implications of such AI adoption. Therefore, the present study investigates how investors respond to …

16-05-2022 | Original Empirical Research

An extended health belief model for COVID-19: understanding the media-based processes leading to social distancing and panic buying

Building on the health belief model (HBM), this research tests, over six months, how the exposure to COVID-related information in the media affects fear, which in turn conditions beliefs about the severity of the virus, susceptibility of getting …

Open Access 16-05-2022 | Original Empirical Research

Consequences of platforms' remuneration models for digital content: initial evidence and a research agenda for streaming services

Nowadays, platforms in many industries offer content for a (monthly) flat rate (e.g., music streaming). While flat rates are efficient in reducing transaction costs for administering customers, platforms’ rules for remunerating content right …

16-05-2022 | Original Empirical Research

To exploit or explore? The impact of crowdfunding project descriptions and backers’ power states on funding decisions

Reward-based crowdfunding attracts significant research efforts to understand its success drivers; the current study expands such efforts by exploring the word choices within project descriptions and their potential effects for crowdsourced …

07-05-2022 | Original Empirical Research

The opportunities and costs of highly involved organizational buyers

This research investigates the impact of an organizational buyer’s product involvement on the customer firm’s and supplier’s financial outcomes. The results suggest that highly involved organizational buyers are willing to pay more, which benefits …

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The Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS) is devoted to the study and improvement of marketing and serves as a vital link between scholarly research and practice by publishing research-based articles in the substantive domain of marketing.

Manuscripts submitted for publication consideration in JAMS are judged on the basis of their potential contribution to the advancement of the science and/or practice of marketing. In order for a manuscript to be published in JAMS it must, at the minimum, meet the following criteria:

  • Focus on a substantive issue in the domain of marketing
  • Offer fundamentally new insights that advance the field
  • Be literature-based and scholarly
  • Demonstrate conceptual rigor
  • Provide evidence of methodological rigor, if an empirical piece

JAMS is committed to providing authors with:

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  • Specific and extensive directions (when necessary) for revising a manuscript
  • A decision to either accept or reject a manuscript as early as possible in the review process

The JAMS Editorial Office makes a concerted effort to ensure manuscript turnaround in fewer than 40 days. However, because JAMS is committed to ensuring that reviews are fair, informed, objective, and constructive, there may be occasional instances in which the turnaround time is longer.

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