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12.05.2021 | Review Paper

Pandemics and marketing: insights, impacts, and research opportunities

Pandemics have been an unfortunate but consistent facet of human existence over centuries, threatening lives as well as livelihoods globally. Disconcertingly, their frequency persists, with four “major” pandemics disrupting the planet in the last …

13.04.2021 | Original Empirical Research

Separating customer heterogeneity, points pressure and rewarded behavior to assess a retail loyalty program

Analyses of loyalty programs typically show collection spikes around redemptions. A spike might be caused by increased collector spending to facilitate a redemption (points pressure). The redemption might also encourage increased spending …

08.04.2021 | Original Empirical Research

The influence of the online community, professional critics, and location similarity on review ratings for niche and mainstream brands

Distinctions in the attributes of niche versus mainstream brands are leveraged to explain differences in the drivers of online review ratings. Specifically, we examine how customer review valence, professional critics review valence, community …

05.04.2021 | Original Empirical Research

Seller marketing capability, brand reputation, and consumer journeys on e-commerce platforms

Seller marketing capability and brand reputation are central to firm performance and customer behaviors. However, little is known about how these two dimensions matter in the increasingly important domain of e-commerce platforms, where sellers are …

05.04.2021 | Original Empirical Research

Exploring embeddedness, centrality, and social influence on backer behavior: the role of backer networks in crowdfunding

This research examines the influence of backers’ social networks on their backing behavior using data from a large social networking site and a reward-based crowdfunding platform. We distinguish the roles of nodes and ties in a backer’s social …

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The Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS) is devoted to the study and improvement of marketing and serves as a vital link between scholarly research and practice by publishing research-based articles in the substantive domain of marketing.

Manuscripts submitted for publication consideration in JAMS are judged on the basis of their potential contribution to the advancement of the science and/or practice of marketing. In order for a manuscript to be published in JAMS it must, at the minimum, meet the following criteria:

  • Focus on a substantive issue in the domain of marketing
  • Offer fundamentally new insights that advance the field
  • Be literature-based and scholarly
  • Demonstrate conceptual rigor
  • Provide evidence of methodological rigor, if an empirical piece

JAMS is committed to providing authors with:

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The JAMS Editorial Office makes a concerted effort to ensure manuscript turnaround in fewer than 40 days. However, because JAMS is committed to ensuring that reviews are fair, informed, objective, and constructive, there may be occasional instances in which the turnaround time is longer.

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