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Political Behavior

Issue 1/2022

Content (20 Articles)

Open Access Original Paper

Political Orientation is Associated with Behavior in Public-Goods- and Trust-Games

Thomas Grünhage, Martin Reuter

Original Paper

Human Values and Sophistication Interaction Theory

Paul Goren, Brianna Smith, Matthew Motta

Original Paper

(Sex) Crime and Punishment in the #MeToo Era: How the Public Views Rape

Susanne Schwarz, Matthew A. Baum, Dara Kay Cohen

Original Paper

The Electoral Consequences of Roll Call Voting: Health Care and the 2018 Election

Austin Bussing, Will Patton, Jason M. Roberts, Sarah A. Treul

Open Access Original Paper

Ancestry Culture, Assimilation, and Voter Turnout in Two Generations

Henning Finseraas, Andreas Kotsadam, Javier Polavieja

Original Paper

Sponsorship Effects in Online Surveys

Charles Crabtree, Holger L. Kern, Matthew T. Pietryka

Original Paper

Gender, Race, and Intersectionality in Campaign Finance

Jacob M. Grumbach, Alexander Sahn, Sarah Staszak

Original Paper

When Women Run, Voters Will Follow (Sometimes): Examining the Mobilizing Effect of Female Candidates in the 2014 and 2018 Midterm Elections

Alauna C. Safarpour, SoRelle Wyckoff Gaynor, Stella M. Rouse, Michele L. Swers

Open Access Original Paper

Citizen Assessment of Electoral Reforms: Do Evaluations of Fairness Blunt Self-Interest?

Daniel R. Biggers, Shaun Bowler

Original Paper

Competitive Loss, Gendered Backlash and Sexism in Politics

Jordan Mansell, Allison Harell, Melanee Thomas, Tania Gosselin

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