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Social Choice and Welfare

Issue 3/2022

Content (8 Articles)

Original Paper

Endogenous timing in three-player Tullock contests

Kyung Hwan Baik, Jong Hwa Lee, Seokho Lee

Original Paper

Round-robin tournaments with limited resources

Dmitry Dagaev, Andrey Zubanov

Open Access Original Paper

Collective choice rules on restricted domains based on a priori information

Shashwat Khare, Ton Storcken

Original Paper

Sharing rules for a common-pool resource in a lab experiment

Benjamin Ouvrard, Stefan Ambec, Arnaud Reynaud, Stéphane Cezera, Murudaiah Shivamurthy

Original Paper

On the importance of reduced games in axiomatizing core extensions

Camelia Bejan, Juan Camilo Gómez, Anne van den Nouweland

Open Access Original Paper

Habit formation and the pareto-efficient provision of public goods

Thomas Aronsson, Ronnie Schöb

Original Paper

Electoral Institutions with impressionable voters

Costel Andonie, Daniel Diermeier

Original Paper

The Burning Coalition Bargaining Model

Marco Rogna

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