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Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing

Issue 6/2023

Content (11 Articles)

Original Paper

A new class of differential 4-uniform permutations from exponential permutation

R. K. Sharma, P. R. Mishra, Yogesh Kumar

Open Access Original Paper

An identification system based on the explicit isomorphism problem

Sándor Z. Kiss, Péter Kutas

Original Paper

Quantum MDS and synchronizable codes from cyclic codes of length over

Hai Q. Dinh, Bac T. Nguyen, Roengchai Tansuchat

Original Paper

Interleavings and matchings as representations

Emerson G. Escolar, Killian Meehan, Michio Yoshiwaki

Original Paper

Metric dimension of complement of annihilator graphs associated with commutative rings

Sh. Ebrahimi, R. Nikandish, A. Tehranian, H. Rasouli

Original Paper

Construction of constant dimension codes via improved inserting construction

Yongfeng Niu, Qin Yue, Daitao Huang

Original Paper

A note on subtowers and supertowers of recursive towers of function fields

M. Chara, H. Navarro, R. Toledano

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