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ATZ worldwide 5/2022
ATZ worldwide

Issue 5/2022


Table of Contents (14 Articles)

01-05-2022 | Editorial

The Power of Mobilization?
Frank Jung

01-05-2022 | News

People + Companies

01-05-2022 | In the Spotlight

Interplay of All Drive Types
Christian Beidl, Alexander Heintzel

01-05-2022 | Cover Story

Driving Digitization and Integration
Frank Jung

01-05-2022 | Cover Story

Transformation of Powertrains - Continuous Integration and X-in-the-Loop Testing for xEVs
Daniel Vollmer, Carsten Lövenich, Felix Matthies, Felix Pfister

01-05-2022 | Cover Story

"The future belongs to electrified mobility"
Frank Jung

01-05-2022 | Cover Story

Hybrid BEV - a One-platform Solution for Future Passenger Cars
Dr. Christian Sahr, Tolga Uhlmann, Tobias Voßhall, Christian Kürten

01-05-2022 | News


01-05-2022 | Development

The Influence of Production and Development on the Automotive Industry
Max Hofmann, Heiko Rudolf, Frank Mantwill, Rainer Nees

01-05-2022 | Development

Mixed Traffic Brings Traffic Flow to a Standstill
Jochen Lohmiller

01-05-2022 | Development

Modular and Laser-based Robot for Automated Logistics Processes
Martin Krähling, Stefan Imlauer, Lasse Einig

01-05-2022 | Development

Intelligent Photon-to-photon Approach for HD Headlamps
Cedric Merlin, Renaud Belloc

01-05-2022 | Research

Requirements of Elderly Drivers for the HMI of Automated Vehicles
Sarah Schwindt, Nina Theobald, Bettina Abendroth, Dietrich Manstetten

01-05-2022 | Guest Commentary

The Second Wave of Automated Driving
Andree Hohm

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