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Production Engineering

Production Engineering 5-6/2020

Issue 5-6/2020

Table of Contents ( 15 Articles )

24-10-2020 | Assembly | Issue 5-6/2020 Open Access

Modeling of vacuum grippers for the design of energy efficient vacuum-based handling processes

Felix Gabriel, Markus Fahning, Julia Meiners, Franz Dietrich, Klaus Dröder

17-11-2020 | Computer Aided Engineering | Issue 5-6/2020 Open Access

Finite-element-analysis of the mechanical behavior of high-frequency litz wire in flat coil winding

Michael Weigelt, Cornelius Thoma, Erdong Zheng, Joerg Franke

07-11-2020 | Computer Aided Engineering | Issue 5-6/2020 Open Access

Numerical investigations regarding a novel process chain for the production of a hybrid bearing bushing

Bernd-Arno Behrens, Hans Jürgen Maier, Gerhard Poll, Peter Wriggers, Fadi Aldakheel, Christian Klose, Florian Nürnberger, Florian Pape, Christoph Böhm, Anna Chugreeva, Timm Coors, Deniz Duran, Susanne E. Thürer, Sebastian Herbst, Jae-Il Hwang, Tim Matthias, Norman Heimes, Johanna Uhe

24-10-2020 | Machine Tool | Issue 5-6/2020 Open Access

Intelligent lightweight structures for hybrid machine tools

H. -Christian Möhring, Matthias Müller, Jens Krieger, Jörg Multhoff, Christian Plagge, Jesper de Wit, Sandra Misch

12-10-2020 | Production Management | Issue 5-6/2020 Open Access

EOQ inventory model for perishable products under uncertainty

R. Patriarca, G. Di Gravio, F. Costantino, M. Tronci

08-09-2020 | Production Process | Issue 5-6/2020

Analytical force modelling for micro milling additively fabricated Inconel 625

Andrea Abeni, Dario Loda, Tuğrul Özel, Aldo Attanasio

11-09-2020 | Production Process | Issue 5-6/2020 Open Access

Determining the machining allowance for WAAM parts

Christina Fuchs, Daniel Baier, Thomas Semm, Michael F. Zaeh

11-09-2020 | Production Process | Issue 5-6/2020

Fusion of physical principles and data-driven based models: an industry 4.0 perspective for improving the polishing process of stoneware tiles

Fábio J. P. Sousa, Ricardo Halla, Adeilson Souza, Pascal Langlotz, Moritz Glatt, Jan C. Aurich

15-09-2020 | Production Process | Issue 5-6/2020 Open Access

3D modeling and simulation of thermal effects during profile grinding

C. Schieber, M. Hettig, M. F. Zaeh, C. Heinzel

23-09-2020 | Production Process | Issue 5-6/2020

Effect of die pressure on the lubricating regimes achieved in wire drawing

Umberto Prisco, Gustavo Aristides Santana Martinez, Leonardo Kyo Kabayama

06-10-2020 | Production Process | Issue 5-6/2020

Optimization of the production processes of powder-based additive manufacturing technologies by means of a machine learning model for the temporal prognosis of the build and cooling phase

Paul Victor Osswald, Saad Kamal Mustafa, Christoph Kaa, Philip Obst, Martin Friedrich, Markus Pfeil, Dominik Rietzel, Gerd Witt

19-10-2020 | Production Process | Issue 5-6/2020 Open Access

Tool wear estimation in turning of Inconel 718 based on wavelet sensor signal analysis and machine learning paradigms

Tiziana Segreto, Doriana D’Addona, Roberto Teti

26-10-2020 | Production Process | Issue 5-6/2020

Reusable unit process life cycle inventory for manufacturing: metal injection molding

Kamyar Raoufi, Dustin S. Harper, Karl R. Haapala

17-11-2020 | Production Process | Issue 5-6/2020

Modelling surface quality of abrasive water jet processing at multi-objective optimization criteria

Ahmed S. Elmesalamy

15-09-2020 | Tooling | Issue 5-6/2020 Open Access

Additive surface texturing of cutting tools using pulsed laser implantation with hard ceramic particles

S. Böhm, A. Ahsan, J. Kröger, J. Witte

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