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Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 4/2021
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Issue 4/2021

Special Issue: Innovating in the Digital Economy: Leveraging Technology to Create Value for Consumers and Firms


Table of Contents (10 Articles)

03-06-2021 | Editorial

Innovation in the digital economy: a broader view of its scope, antecedents, and consequences
Alina Sorescu, Martin Schreier

Open Access 06-01-2021 | Review Paper

Understanding anthropomorphism in service provision: a meta-analysis of physical robots, chatbots, and other AI
Markus Blut, Cheng Wang, Nancy V. Wünderlich, Christian Brock

Open Access 16-11-2020 | Original Empirical Research

Conversational robo advisors as surrogates of trust: onboarding experience, firm perception, and consumer financial decision making
Christian Hildebrand, Anouk Bergner

Open Access 21-06-2021 | Original Empirical Research

Behaviorally targeted location-based mobile marketing
Stefan F. Bernritter, Paul E. Ketelaar, Francesca Sotgiu

Open Access 11-03-2021 | Original Empirical Research

Online reviews generated through product testing: can more favorable reviews be enticed with free products?
Ina Garnefeld, Tabea Krah, Eva Böhm, Dwayne D. Gremler

Open Access 11-08-2020 | Original Empirical Research

Digital customization of consumer investments in multiple funds: virtual integration improves risk–return decisions
Sesil Lim, Bas Donkers, Patrick van Dijl, Benedict G. C. Dellaert

Open Access 03-03-2021 | Original Empirical Research

Online program engagement and audience size during television ads
Beth L. Fossen, Alexander Bleier

17-05-2021 | Original Empirical Research

Digital business capability: its impact on firm and customer performance
Dominik M. Wielgos, Christian Homburg, Christina Kuehnl

Open Access 05-08-2020 | Original Empirical Research

How and when do big data investments pay off? The role of marketing affordances and service innovation
Luigi M. De Luca, Dennis Herhausen, Gabriele Troilo, Andrea Rossi

30-03-2021 | Original Empirical Research

Retail service innovations and their impact on retailer shareholder value: evidence from an event study
Lien Lamey, Els Breugelmans, Maya Vuegen, Anne ter Braak

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