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Mechanics of Composite Materials

Issue 5/2023

Content (16 Articles)

“Van Fo Fy Method” in the Micromechanics of Fibrous Composites

Yu. V. Kotin, A. N. Polilov, D. D. Vlasov

Impact of the Shear and Thickness Stretching Effects on the Free Vibrations of Advanced Composite Plates

A. Messaoudi, A. Bouhadra, A. Menasria, B. Mamen, B. Boucham, M. Benguediab, A. Tounsi, M. A. Al-Osta


Correction to: Free Vibrations and Buckling of Laterlally Functionally Graded Material Columns

Gweon Sik Kim, Joon Kyu Lee, Dai Soon Ahn, Byoung Koo Lee

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