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Mechanics of Composite Materials

Issue 1/2024

Content (14 Articles)

Mechanical Characteristics of Thermoplastic Polymers for 3d Printed Hybrid Structures

O. Bulderberga, E. Zīle, R. Joffe, J. Sevcenko, A. Aniskevich

Bending Analysis of Laminated Composite and Sandwich Cylindrical Shells Using Analytical Method and Ansys Calculations

A. Attia, A. T. Berrabah, F. Bourada, A. A. Bousahla, A. Tounsi, M. H. Ghazwani, A. Alnujaie

Mechanical Properties of Alfa, Sisal, and Hybrid Alfa/Sisal Fiber Satin Cloth Reinforced Epoxy

B. R. Baali, M. T. Gherbi, A. Nour, J. B. Casimir, R. Saci, S. Aguib, N. Attia, C. Aribi

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