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Mechanics of Composite Materials

Issue 6/2024

Content (15 Articles)

Progress in Friction Stir Welding of Polymer and Aluminum Alloys

S. A. Kasgari, M. R. M. Aliha, S. J. Sadjadi, T. Sadowski, F. Berto

Flexure Investigation of P-FG-Plates Via Integral Quasi-3D Theory with Considering Imperfection in the Material Composition

A. Attia, F. Bourada, A. A. Bousahla, A. Tounsi, K. H. Benrahou, S. R. Mahmoud, M. Hussain

Bending and Vibration of a Bio-Inspired Bouligand Composite Plate Using the Finite-Element Method

M. A. Eltaher, O. A. Aleryani, A. Melaibari, A. A. Abdelrahman

Effect of Impact Energy on the Residual Strength of Type III Cylinders

Y. Zhou, B. Han, Y. Liu, X. Song, T. Xie, F. Geng, P. Liu

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